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Infinity Mirror Dress Step By Step Guide

Infinity Mirror Dress: Complete Guide

The infinity mirror dress is a wearable costume that combines high-tech wiring, LEDs, and high-powered batteries. Today, DJs, singers, actresses, models, and music festival organizers worldwide wear LED costumes. Lighting elements create new visuals which transform you into a character…

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Worlds Most Popular Mirror Illusion

Mirror Illusions: The Complete Guide

Mirror illusions have always been a unique type of entertainment. They leave your mind both amazed and full of questions. Mirror illusions is an illusion where an artist incorporates a mirror to provide a unique effect. Whether it's turning an…

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How To Use A Camera Lucida In 5 Easy Steps!

How Does A Camera Lucida Work?

A Camera Lucida, is a tool that artists like to use to make a quick sketch of something extremely accurate. It has been used for many, many years. It was first invented in October of 1807 by William Wollaston.

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