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Infinity Mirror Dress Step By Step Guide

Infinity Mirror Dress: Complete Guide

What is the Infinity Mirror Dress?

The infinity mirror dress is a wearable costume that combines high-tech wiring, LEDs, and high-powered batteries.

Today, DJs, singers, actresses, models, and music festival organizers worldwide wear LED costumes. Lighting elements create new visuals which transform you into a character from another world. Variety of fabric, lighting diodes, custom wiring, and additional components provides an effect that is vivid and striking, restrained and elegant, or perhaps something in-between.

The design was inspired by movie characters such as the famous movie “Tron: Legacy.” These Illuminating costumes display a trendy ultra-high technology style created utilizing Ultra-Bright LED lights controlled by remote control.


  • LED Stripes
  • WGTF Wires
  • Rep Ribbon
  • Soutache
  • Shrinkage
  • Mirrors

Product Description

  • LED Dress
  • Vinyl Dress
  • Black Underwear
  • Black Shoe Bait

This dress is a walking piece of art, allowing you to light up the room in your unique way.

The product is lightweight, and it has a zipper in the back.

Infinity Dress Back

The dress is battery-operated, so you don’t have to worry about being plugged into the wall. The batteries have little pockets that they are placed in. The battery pockets are located in the backside of the dress near the zipper.

Battery Pack

Only the bottom half of the dress has a zipper. So, if you want a tighter fit, we recommend using zip ties to connect the dress’s upper half. The zip ties fit perfectly between the mirrors and the wires for a secure fit.

The dress has an explicit, plastic-like material at the top of the dress. It has black vinyl on the bottom of the dress for extra coverage. You can wear a black tank-top with the dress if you would like to be covered more.

Infinity mirror dress front


To turn the dress on, all you have to do is click the attached wired buttons. Continue connecting them to achieve your desired light pattern, as well as to turn the dress off.

Infinity Dress

The Infinity Mirror Dress has many different light settings! Such as:

  • Flashing
  • Blinking
  • Swirling
  • Color Changing Lights

The lights in the dress have many different patterns for you to choose from. 

Another feature is the simplicity of the battery packs. All you have to do is place rechargeable batteries in the battery pockets and connect them to the wire.

Special Note from the makers of the infinity dress: Light solutions ETERE

 “If the weight of the product doesn’t matter to you and you want less maintenance problems, then order our product – strong edition.”

Therefore, there are different versions of the dress if you’re interested.

Where to Purchase

Since the Infinity Mirror Dress is handmade and delicately crafted, it does have a higher price than your normal day-to-day dress. You can check out the details and price of the Infinity Mirror Dress here: Etsy Infinity Mirror Dress

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantage: The infinity mirror dress is riveting and unforgettable. Wherever you’re headed, you will be remembered and have people begging to take pictures.

Disadvantage: The dress is battery-powered. Thus, if you plan on being out for a long time, you’ll have to cart around spare batteries and the dead batteries.

Advantage: The dress is lightweight. It’s easy to walk in, and the weight is distributed evenly, so it’s not putting pressure all on one side.

Disadvantage: The zipper is only on the bottom half of the dress. So, if you don’t want your back wide open, you’ll need zip ties to connect the mirrors on the upper back.

Advantage: The switch that changes the lights’ colors (and turns it on/off) is easy to access! It’s located at the bottom of the dress, and you can hold the switch to make the dress change whenever you want.

Disadvantage: The battery pack is located on the backside. So, you’ll either have to take the dress off to change the batteries or have someone do it for you.

Advantage: The lights are LED. Therefore, they’ll last for a long time.

Disadvantage: There are wires EVERYWHERE. If some of the lights don’t work or something becomes loose, then you’ll have to figure out where the wire detached.

Everything you can use the Infinity Mirror Dress with

Now that you have seen and learned about the infinity mirror dress, what can you use it for? It’s entirely up to you. Although, we can give you some great suggestions. 

  1. Take it clubbing! Putting on the dress will bring the party to any room. 
  2. Halloween/Costume Parties! You can be Captain Infinity, A Space-Themed Super Hero, or any other creative idea you might have. 
  3. Use it for a video shoot. We do many video tutorials about our products. For example, below, we have a “DIY Infinity Mirror” video, including the dress added a magical and dazzling effect to the purpose of the video. 
  4. Have your own One Man Show/Entertainment business? Add the infinity mirror dress! Your audience will be intrigued by this rate and mesmerizing outfit! You’ll be the talk of the town, and everyone will want to hire you! 
  5. Carnivals and Festivals! You’ll blend in (but still stand out) with all of the carnival festivities! Games, prizes, and walking-like shows. 
  6. Fashion Shows! Maybe you’ve always wanted to host a fashion show, but you never had a lead piece. Well, now you do. Below is an example of the Infinity Mirror Dress on a Runway. 


“In order to make the product lightweight and absolutely not affecting on the work of the artist, we use very thin wires. They do not break on the bend, but they can break at the place of soldering. This is a constructive feature of production, the lighter weight of the product, the more easily it breaks.
We try our best to prevent damage, but in this product there are about 2000 soldering points, and the failure of one of them may require repair of the entire product. We’ve made the design modular, so you can repair the product without the need for soldering. But you should understand that breakdowns can occur during the entire time of use and you will have to use a soldering iron.”

Dress Accessories

Infinity Mirror Dress Accessories.

Note: These items were purchased separately and do NOT come with the dress. 

The infinity mirror dress is stunning and unforgettable within itself, but if you want to go the extra mile, you can find different LED accessories to wear with your dress!

Infinity mirror dress with accessories

From furniture, necklaces, gloves, goggles, and more, there are many different accessories you can wear with your dress to be utterly decked-out in colors and lights!

Infinity mirror dress with accessories

Here are some of the accessories we used with our Infinity Mirror dress!


Do you already have the Infinity Mirror Dress and want more clothing like it? Here are some other neat LED outfits that you can add to your collection! The Rave LED Light Up Rainbow Dress is bright, colorful, and as eye catching as the infinity mirror dress!

Here are some other neat LED outfits that you can add to your collection!

The Rave LED Light Up Rainbow Dress is bright, colorful, and as eye catching as the infinity mirror dress!

Note from the creators:

Full control of each individual LED. This allows you to create any lighting effect. Choose colors for your costume or corporate colors of the event. Choose a tempo effects and more. All this will allow you to easily create a unique dance. Stand alone work mode. Independent mode does not require a computer or other control devices for work. You just need to run the program and it will work. Small buttons for switching effects. Only 1 small buttons for changing effects. Pushing the button – the next light effect. Full compatibility with real time PC control by Madrix.If necessary, the controller can be used in complex solutions. It can be used with computer control. This may be a Madrix software or similar products for managing digital LEDs. You can manage up to 3000 LEDs.


And more!

LED Butterfly Wings would also be a great addition to your collection!

Note from the creators:

“LEDWING ™ LED Butterfly Wings provides you with high-quality LED lamp beads. Dance like you never did before and shine the brightest! Use it in any kind of dance – from belly dance to carnival performance, Halloween Party, Christmas, and cosplay etc.

Your safety is our priority. With its low voltage, you can make a huge stage effect without worrying about getting an electric shock.

Bring magic into reality by tying it up on your neck. Easy to wear and has a special fold design. Make your next performance as a majestic fairy exceptional!”

Light Up Top is a great piece as well! Wear your desired outfit, then add the light-up top over it to add the colorful experience!

Note from the creator: 

“I hand sew 300 fiber optics with monofilament onto a black, stretchy, zip front top. Each outfit is made to order and every design can be slightly different to completely different. No two are alike because I hand sew them onto the top myself.

I make a cloth pouch that holds the 5W light engine and Lithium Ion rechargeable battery. This is attached to the back of the top with hook and loop closure so that the battery and light engine are easily accessible and can be removed so the outfit can be hand washed. The top style varies depending on what I have in stock. You can also ship me your own top or outfit to sew on to. Also included is an RF remote controller with some fun options for solid one color, blink and fade options.”

Shipping Information

Are you interested in purchasing the Infinity Mirror Dress, but you don’t know when it will arrive? Listed below are the mailing dates confirmed by the manufacturers of the dress.

  • Air Registered Mail: 8-30 Days
  • Express Mail Service 8-18 Days
  • First Class Express Shipping: 3-5 Days


Q: Can you sit down while wearing the dress? 

A: No, not really.

Q: Is it easy to move around when wearing the dress? 

A: Moving around is fairly easy. You are able to walk and move your arms. You probably can’t break dance, but you can do movable motions.

Infinity mirror dress with accessories

Q: What is the Warranty of the dress?

A:  Three (3) days from the date of delivery.

Q: Do the wires break when they are bent?

A: The wires will not break when you move/bend. However, if you apply a lot of pressure the wires can break.

Q: How heavy are the wires?

A: “In order to make the product lightweight and absolutely not affecting on the work of the artist, we use very thin wires.”

Q: How many soldering points are there? 

A: About 2,000

Q: Is there a support service to contact if we have a problem with the dress? 

 “Our support service is always online and we will help you with the repair.”

Q: Is there a way to make the dress stronger? 

Yes, they have another dress that you can order with the “Strong Edition”

“If the weight of the product doesn’t matter to you and you want less maintenance problems, then order our product – strong edition.”

Q: What kind of batteries should I use?

Use ONLY Rechargeable batteries. You will have to purchase the batteries separate. There are a specific brand and type you will be instructed to use.

Q: Who is the manufacturer? 

A: “Light solutions ETERE – “ETEREshop” tax number 291265176 Republic of Belarus, Brest. Manufactured in compliance with technical documentation of the manufacturer. This product is not subject to mandatory certification.”

Q: Do the batteries come with the dress?

A: No, you have to order the batteries separate.

Q: Is there an instruction manual that comes with the dress?

A: No, we did not receive an instruction manual with the purchase of the dress.


So, now you have your Infinity Mirror Dress and you don’t know what to do. Putting the Infinity Mirror Dress together might take some work. Although, there are a few videos that will help you put the dress together. Watch the videos below to learn about the assembly of the dress and how to connect the wires.

Infinity Mirror Dress Wire Assembly

Infinity Dress + Glasses synchronization and assembly

After the wires are all connected, you will need to put in the batteries. Watch the next video to show you how to place the batteries in the dress.

Note: Batteries do NOT come with the dress, and you have to order them separately. 

How to insert and remove the batteries

There is not an instruction manual that comes with the dress. Therefore, you will need to find the resources online (in the provided videos) of how to connect the dress.


Are you interested in reading more reviews about the Infinity Mirror Dress? You can read more reviews here: Etsy Infinity Mirror Dress

Special Notes & Take Away's

You have seen and read about the marvelous Infinity Mirror Dress! I admit there was a lot to read and learn about this festive outfit. Mainly, the main aspects you should remember and take away with you are: 

  1. The dress does not come with batteries. You will have to purchase SPECIFIC batteries for it online.
  2. If you don’t learn well from videos, you might want to have someone else help you put it together. The dress did not come with an instruction manual on how to assemble the wires, and the videos I listed are the most helpful. 
  3. The dress runs on batteries, so you will have to carry around spare batteries wherever you go when you’re wearing them.
  4. It is bright, beautiful, and fun. So you will be the center of attention with it. 
  5. It’s easy to move in, but you cant down because you could damage the mirrors on the dress’s back.
  6. Once again, the dress so much fun! Similar to other pieces of clothing, it just requires special care and some assembly. 
Mirror with infinity mirror dress

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