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Infinity Mirror Dress Step By Step Guide

Infinity Mirror Dress: Complete Guide

The infinity mirror dress is a wearable costume that combines high-tech wiring, LEDs, and high-powered batteries. Today, DJs, singers, actresses, models, and music festival organizers worldwide wear LED costumes. Lighting elements create new visuals which transform you into a character…

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Infinity Mirror Tunnel

Infinity Mirror Artists

You may be familiar with simple infinity mirrors for displays and impressive visual tricks/illusions, but have you ever considered its presence in the art community? Several artists work with mirrors and create unique installations around their use, but only a…

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Yayoi Kusama Soft Sculpture Pumpkin

Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirror

One of the best-known artists leading the way in infinity mirror installations is none other than Yayoi Kusama. She was born in Matsumoto, Japan, where she studied at the Kyoto School of Arts Crafts. The School of Arts and Crafts…

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Worlds Most Popular Mirror Illusion

Mirror Illusions: The Complete Guide

Mirror illusions have always been a unique type of entertainment. They leave your mind both amazed and full of questions. Mirror illusions is an illusion where an artist incorporates a mirror to provide a unique effect. Whether it's turning an…

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