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Worlds Most Popular Mirror Illusion

Mirror Illusions: The Complete Guide

Mirror illusions have always been a unique type of entertainment. They leave your mind both amazed and full of questions. Mirror illusions is an illusion where an artist incorporates a mirror to provide a unique effect. Whether it’s turning an object upside-down, making someone look taller or shorter, or immersing yourself into infinity.

Museum of Illusions

Museum of Illusions is a museum that has various illusions within. Most of the illusions involve some mirror, and you can even turn yourself into a Kaleidoscope. Museum of Illusions also has a True Mirror. A true Mirror allows you to view yourself how others see you. When two mirrors are placed at a 90-degree angle, they form a reflection of how you are truly looking.

The Museum also has an Infinity Mirror Room. You can see yourself as an infinite amount of times. You can check out the infinity mirror room exhibit here!  To check out more of the exhibits, visit their website here! 

Mirrored House

The next illusion on the list is the Mirrored House. This was built with the use of mirrors, the outside of the house if all mirrors. Located in Coachella Valley, it reflects all of the beautiful surroundings. Everything is reflected off of the house. It looks like it’s part of nature.

To read more about the mirror house, click here!   

Tic-Tak-Toe: Mirror Illusion

Have you ever played a game on a mirror? These mirror illusions give the full image of tic-tac-toe but only present half pieces.

To view the tic-tac-toe mirror illusion, click here! 

First Surface Mirror

When the half-pieces are placed onto the mirror, it reflects symmetry, thus creating the illusion that the piece is whole. A standard mirror creates a double reflection, so for the image to be accurately reflected, you need to use a First Surface Mirror. A First Surface Mirror is a mirror flattened and stretched to where it has no gap between the object and its reflection.

Rust Mirror

Rust Mirror is an interactive art piece that uses steel tiles and moves with you. The tiles move up and down when the person does. So, it outlines the person like a shadow. But, since it is made out of steel titles, it sounds like it is raining as the pieces move. Daniel Rozin created this piece of art. It can be found in the Bitforms Gallery. 

Mirror Illusions from Leandro Erlich

What would you do if you were just walking down the street then came across a horizontal house? Artist Leonardo Erlich designed a piece of art that looks like a regulars building. But, it’s laying down. The building was created on the ground laying float, with a giant mirror hanging over it. The mirror illusion is located in London.

You can read more about this mirror illusion here! 

This video shows the mirror house, as well as talks about how the public uses it to explore their own creativity and become engaged with it.

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